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I have been inseparable from my camera ever since I was a little girl.  Photography is my dream career and I still have ‘pinch me’ moments.

     I worked for twenty years as a broadcast journalist in the biggest newsroom in the world.  It was here that I learnt the craft of story-telling from my talented and experienced colleagues. 

     Transferring those skills to fine tune my stills photography came naturally, but I never imagined I could turn the hobby I was so passionate about into a career. 

     The lightbulb moment came when my children started school – suddenly, in their classmates, I had a pool of diverse and willing models to practice on. 

     As my portfolio grew, I was greatly encouraged by my family, local community and BBC colleagues to put down my journalist cap and follow my dream.  So I took the plunge – and have never looked back.
     I strive to capture natural, thoughtful and joyful photographs with a focus on reportage style – story-telling through images.  My aim is to deliver pictures that you just can’t stop looking at and want to share with the world, because they have captured you and your family so perfectly at that moment in time.

     I feel honoured and privileged when chosen to photograph your portraits and intimate moments – it’s a big responsibility and I take that seriously. 

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